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Amber Mesinovic

I got my P’s yesterday, great experience! Every lesson was insightful and full of the knowledge on driving safely. My instructor was Micheal, he was very quick to fix my bad habits I had formed already driving on our first lesson (which is the reason I passed my drive test) another thing I was happy with was how patient he was with my mistakes and my anxiety!
I highly recommend! I did not feel comfortable, safe or relaxed on the roads until I finished a few lessons with Michael. After 5 lessons I felt more than confident to take my test.
When it came to my test day he was very helpful as well, he got me to relax (I was a stress head) and just concentrate on driving safely and correctly!
Huge thank you to Michael!


Shabbir Ahmed

Got my license last week. A big shout out to Marvin! He is excellent and knows what he is doing. The techniques he taught me work consistently every time. He is patient and fun. He is always positive, never irritated with your mistakes, and always encouraging to get things right. He gives you very precise feedbacks. And top of that he just has the right car for driving lessons. I highly recommend him. He was also very punctual at all our sessions.



Coleen Viray

I just got my Ps today! Felicity was such an AMAZING and accommodating instructor. She consistently maintained a very calm, reassuring and friendly demeanour during every session and had the optimism that I lacked. I really appreciated her patience throughout the process and her commitment to delivering valuable feedback during and after each session.



Avinash Kamepalli

I just two lessons from Manu and he really helped me in getting my test pass in one go .i really appreciate his knowledge about road rules and his patience .the car was very neat and good looking with all safety features. I wish him success as he is a good instructor and also I would recommend him to my friends .
Big shoutout to my amazing instructor Kathy!!! She’s amazing at teaching and preparing you for the road test and after only a few lessons I was able to obtain by Ps. Kathy’s mentoring is unrivalled and I highly recommend her to anyone needing an instructor 🙂
I would like to thank my driving instructor James who did an awesome job in preparing me for the drive test. The test felt so easy and comfortable because I had been prepared so well. Highly recommend my instructor James and the master driving school to anyone who needs an instructor and wants to pass the test.
Just passed my driving test today after doing lessons with Mali, I cannot recommend her enough! I had another driving instructor before her, who did not seem like the right fit; I learned so much more in one lesson with Mali than in all of my lessons with the previous instructor. Mali is very calm and patient and explains things in ways which are easy to follow. I always felt safe and in-control when in the car with her. All in all, she’s just really good at teaching. Very professional, and also very relaxed. She is very knowledgeable of the VicRoads test and prepares you completely for your driving test, as well as to be a safe driver on your own. Five stars!
Passed my driving test today! Couldn’t have done it with the help and support of Michael. I did a lot of lessons with him, starting as a complete newbie and finishing as someone who is a confident road user. Michael takes a lot of care in ensuring that you learn the correct driving processes from day one and is always willing to share whatever knowledge he has. He is excellent at explaining techniques and road rules in a way which is simple to understand, going above and beyond to make sure you feel calm in stressful situations. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone learning to drive, he is friendly and a pleasure to drive with.


Mikayla Roberts reviewed Master Driving School 
Today i passed my manual licence thanks to the lovely Brydie being my driving teacher, i could not have done it without her.  Such a wonderlful person with a passion for teaching safe driving and road skills that you will never forget. Brydie taught me everything i needed to know about safe driving and drivng manual. I now have the confidence to drive alone and being a safe driver.
I was so nervous of making mistakes but wow i passed.
And can now drive my beautiful manual mitsubishi.
I highly reccomend Brydie for and driving teacher.
Thanks heaps �


Joel Davis reviewed Master Driving School

I just successfully passed my driving test and I simply couldn’t have done it without my incredible instructor James! Big thank you to James and the company for setting me up with all the skills and knowledge I needed to have to pass while also being patient and supportive through every situation, thanks a lot James!


Seamus Forscutt reviewed Master Driving School

Amazing instructors couldn’t of done without the help and tips I received from Michelle. Amazingly friendly and will help you with any concerns you have and will improve the skills you’ve already learned. Michelle was a great instructor and gave me very clear and helpful tips, honestly couldn’t of done it without her help and guidance! Would definitely recommend to anyone going for their licence.


Luke Regester reviewed Master Driving School

Well, today was the day I passed my manual lisense and it’s safe to say without the help of Flavio from Master driving school I wouldn’t of passed or have gotten a perfect score. I love the way he goes about his job telling you everything you need to know and not over whelming you with to much information!! I’m gonna miss my lessons and would highly recommend Flavio after taken me on in such short notice and me being told I wasn’t ready from a previous RACV instructor to now driving away In my own car with a manual lisense.

Thanks heaps Flavio best day ever!