Defensive Driving Course-OLD

Become a Defensive Driver!

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Learn how to drive safely on the road with every day traffic in the most challenging situations Melbourne roads can present:

-Pre-operational vehicle checks (P.O.W.D.E.R.Y )
-Correct seat and mirror positioning (in accordance to airbags and gaining maximum observation)
-Correct hand position and steering wheel turning methods
-Correct mirror use
-Blind spot technique (including correct head check technique)
-Safe gap selections in traffic
-General observation
-Braking (perception time, reaction time and stopping distance)
-Speed control
-Safe Give Way/Stop intersection approach and positioning of vehicle (System of Car Control)
-Safe traffic flow entry and exit (O.P.A.P.A Hazard avoidance method)
-Roundabout approach, entry and exit
-Right/left turns at traffic lights no directional arrows
-Tram line use ( including shared, part time, full time, tramway lines)
-Bus lane use
-Hook turns
-Pedestrian traffic/crossings
-Bicycle lane entry/exist
-CBD driving
-Lane changing in traffic
-Reverse parking in between 2 vehicles
-Angle/centre road parking (45°& 90°)
-Following distance
-Stopping distance
-Space cushions
-Freeway entry/exit

In our courses you will learn about a variety of safe driving aspects and become aware of all your problem areas on the road.

We also provide court ordered ON ROAD defensive driving courses specifically tailored for the Criminal Justice Diversion Program issued by the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria.

The course is applicable to drivers that must complete a Defensive Driving Course issued from a court order for Careless Driving matters.

Upon completion, the driver will receive a full report and a certificate of completion detailing the sections covered along with the driving instructors comments.

The report is signed and issued by the instructor, and is a valid document for any court matter.

Our instructors are qualified with a certificate IV in Car Instruction and a certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Cost: 2hour course with report and certificate upon completion $295

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